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I’m former a columnist for Psychologies magazine and I write about personal and professional presence, personal branding, and being your best self for publications including the Huffington Post and Psychologies Life Labs. I have also been featured in Psychology Today, The Sunday Times, Top Santé, and on CNBC.

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MoxieCast 032: Taming your Mind Monsters, with Hazel Gale

You can’t achieve your way to self worth. You can’t force the squinchy part of yourself into submission – the part that feels weak and less-than and shameful. You can’t exercise it into oblivion, or smother it with success or any other form of doing. You can’t hide it behind shiny things. Not for long, […]

MoxieCast 031: Cultivating Bounce-back-ability, with James Shone

  I’m fascinated by resilience, particularly how some people demonstrate extraordinary bounce-back-ability, and humour even, when something devastating happens. Maybe it’s a redundancy or a medical diagnosis. Maybe a long-term relationship breaks up. You know those people who thrive in spite of their challenging circumstances? They have every reason to become jaded and cynical. Instead […]

MoxieCast 030: Succeed at Habit Change, with Dr. Heather McKee

“I’m giving up caffeine,” you say, all gung-ho and fist pumps. Then 4pm strikes and you’ve got an axe in your head, or so it feels. You’re standing at the coffee bar, eyes like spirographs, remembering your promise to give up your afternoon espresso with two sugars. “Tomorrow. I promise I’ll start tomorrow…” And if it’s […]

MoxieCast 029: How to Start a Conversation with Absolutely Anyone (Without Feeling like a Nugget), with Karen Baker

You walk into a social event where you don’t know anyone. Everyone’s mingling – everyone but you. You’re at the buffet, scoffing vol-au-vents, holding your plastic glass of pee-warm chardonnay. You glance around, wiping crumbs from your lapels. Nope. Still no one you recognise. You look at your watch, wondering how long to subject yourself […]

MoxieCast 028: Stepping Into Our Greatness, with Sarah McVanel

Social media is full of memes encouraging us to “be ourselves,” and to “be authentic.” Least helpful advice ever. How do we do that? What does it even mean? Enter Sarah McVanel, today’s guest. Sarah had a wake-up call when her young son had a mental health crisis and ended up on antidepressants. She left her […]

MoxieCast 027: Come Home To Go Big, with Kendra Cunov

  You know that old chestnut, “Go big or go home”? There’s an implication that it looks a certain way to go BIG. It’s usually shiny and far-reaching. There’s loads of travel and champagne involved. Big success is seductive. So seductive, that we often we leave parts of ourselves (the creative part, for instance, or […]

MoxieCast 026: Training Your Happiness Muscle, with Susanna Halonen

If you ever find yourself saying, “I’ll be happy when I get promoted/lose the weight/find my hawt partner (or fill in the blank with your own variation),” today’s episode is for you. Today I’m joined by the “Happyologist,” Susanna Halonen. Have a guess what percentage of your happiness is predicted by your circumstances. I said 50 […]

MoxieCast 025: Finding More Joy & Purpose, with Jeff Harmon

If you’ve ever grappled with the angst-producing question, “Is this all there is?”, today’s episode is for you. We’re connected 24-7, yet we crave intimacy and true connection in our bellies. Am I right? We’ve learned to value productivity (and accessibility) over the soul-satisfaction of doing work that makes us feel alive. If you’re nodding […]

MoxieCast 024: Performance Fuel for the Extraordinarily Busy, with Rhiannon Lambert

  Hands up if you’ve ever experienced a forehead-meets-keyboard moment late in the afternoon before necking back another coffee or Diet Coke? Or maybe you haven’t eaten since breakfast – unless you count the biscuits in the 2pm meeting, or the breath mint you had in the taxi heading home. Living like this, it’s easy […]

MoxieCast 023: Changing Your Relationship to Food, with Daniel Thomas Hind

  “I know what it’s like to stand in front of a fridge and just eat and eat and eat. It’s like you have no choice, you’re almost possessed.” Meet Daniel Thomas Hind, founder of EvolutionEat, a transformational lifestyle coaching company that helps overwhelmed people revolutionize their relationship with food. As a formerly fat Italian […]

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