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I’m former a columnist for Psychologies magazine and I write about personal and professional presence, personal branding, and being your best self for publications including the Huffington Post and Psychologies Life Labs. I have also been featured in Psychology Today, The Sunday Times, Top Santé, and on CNBC.

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Moxiecast 005: How to Be a Curiosity Ninja with John-Paul Flintoff

Curiosity is an antidote to the fear that can shut us down. As adults, we hesitate to do things that might make us look silly. What will people think?  We play it safe; take less chances; get a little more beige and predictable year by year. If that’s as depressing for you as it feels […]

MoxieCast 004: The Mental Workout Behind the Physical One, with Charlene Hutsebaut

Behind every physical workout is a mental workout. Are you using the ‘go hard, or go home’ approach? What if there was a gentler way to prime yourself for wellbeing that actually worked and felt way better? So you ate cake.  Or A cake.  Now you stare at yourself in the mirror, disgusted, and tell […]

Moxiecast 003: How to Handle Persistent Negative Thoughts (like you’re not good enough and other malarkey)

I’ve been lucky to have Cheri Hanson on MoxieCast for a trilogy of deep, powerful conversations. For those of you who haven’t yet heard Episode 1, Cheri is a writer, content strategist and creative dynamo. Most of all, she’s a great conversationalist with a sharp mind and a gentle wit. This episode is our second […]

Moxiecast 002: Diffusing Imposter Syndrome with Emma Stroud

Do the inner fraud police live in your head?  You may recognise them as the seductively believable thoughts that whisper, ‘You’re not good enough to do this,’ or ‘You shouldn’t be here – any moment now, you’ll be found out and busted for the lame-o fraud that you are.’  Yep.  Those guys.   This unhelpful […]

Moxiecast 001: Turn Up the Volume on Your Passions with Cheri Hanson

My guest today is Cheri Hanson, writer, journalist and all-round creative chameleon. Our conversation explores why so many of us leave our creativity and productivity on the back burner, and how we can cut that out already. Everyone has “music,” an expression within themselves that they can choose to hide or show the world. This […]

Need a Mojo Defibrillator?

If you’re creating something important (but feel stalled and disgruntled), here are 3 ways to keep your mojo in flow This post is for anyone who is creating something – a podcast, a blog, a book, a business, a social media following, a career that makes you light up. More specifically, it’s for anyone who […]

2 Need-to-Know Ways to Handle Fear

This post is for anyone who ever had the following thought: So I want to do this thing, but I’m afraid I’ll fail…   And if I fail, they’ll think less of me. They won’t respect me. They’ll criticize me (and I’m so afraid of the jerk-wads and haters). And that would be awful, right, […]

15 Yoda-Like Things to Remember When You’re Growing

  So you’re stuck.  Maybe you even feel lost and defeated, wondering what you were thinking going after your dream. This will change. Everything does. That is so useful to remember when you’re on your knees in the mud. Whatever you’re stuck in, it will let up. So go ahead and listen to Sinead O’Connor […]

How to Stop Approval-Seeking Already…

Once upon a time, I was in a romantic relationship with a man who loved Gorgonzola cheese.  And because I really liked him, I convinced myself that I should love Gorgonzola too.  Like really love it.  Just a little white lie then… Get this: I even started buying Gorgonzola when he wasn’t there, reiterating how much I […]

11 Ways to be (even more) amazing in 2016

 I don’t make new year’s resolutions, but I do set intentions.  If you’re anti-resolution (or have already fallen off the wagon), here are eleven ways to up your amazingness ante this year. 1.  Be kinder to yourself.  Being nasty and self-critical is a sneaky way of staying out of action.  You can talk yourself out of anything new […]

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