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I’m former a columnist for Psychologies magazine and I write about personal and professional presence, personal branding, and being your best self for publications including the Huffington Post and Psychologies Life Labs. I have also been featured in Psychology Today, The Sunday Times, Top Santé, and on CNBC.

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MoxieCast 012: Handling Anxiety with Chloe Brotheridge

  Anxiety. It’s part of our daily lives. Maybe you’re up at 3am, tired but wired, stressing about your to-do list. Or maybe you’ve spent all week worrying about your big presentation, scared of flubbing it up. Or perhaps you’re micromanaging your kids’ choices, big and small, lest they screw up and fail. It could […]

MoxieCast 011: How to Handle Conflict (and other reader questions) with Varian Brandon

Conflict. Shuddering at the very mention of the word? You’re not alone. I recently asked my Daily Moxie readers to hit reply and tell me about their current challenges. I wanted to know what they were struggling with. What would they love support on? Conflict came up time and again. That got me thinking about how […]

MoxieCast 010: Spiritual Tapas with Allison Crow

I was really hoping that there was going to be a neat, tidy system for getting more comfortable in our own skin, something Marie Kondo-ish: throw this bit out, compartmentalise that, and Ta-Da! Spoiler alert: there is no system. Ok, so I had actually figured that out on my own, but I thought wild artist, […]

MoxieCast 009: How to Stop People-Pleasing with Jason Goldberg

  People pleasing is an addiction. We trade our time, energy and personal preferences for scraps of approval from others. It’s transactional: I over-give and over-do, and you give me crumbs of good-enoughness and validation. When you do that, I feel valued and important and good about myself for a little while.  But these morsels […]

MoxieCast 008: How to Push Yourself Without Crashing, with Christine Livingston

  Sometimes it can feel like there are two ways of working: Going full throttle (look at how much I’m getting done); and recovering (look at me doing my dead fly impression).  It’s a two-speed cycle: Wo-hoo and boo-hoo.  Overachievers, I am talkin’ to you… So how can you work hard without crashing and burning? […]

MoxieCast 007: How Motivation Happens. Mark McGuinness on Mojo, Resilience & Techno-dancing

Motivation is the holy grail of working states. We crave it; covet it. And when it’s there, that thing you want to do feels entirely doable.  Motivation is a state of creative grace. When it’s gone, things limp along, and we push our lives and projects uphill, waiting for this state of grace to hit […]

Blog: Do You Over-Yes?

You buy books that you don’t have time to read. You’ve signed up for online courses that you never even started (yep, me too). You fantasize about sleeping for weeks. Your default response to “How are you?” is a wild-eyed “SO busy!”  Add a few arm flails for effect. You start your day feeling buried, […]

MoxieCast 006: How the Stories We Tell Ourselves Impact Our Behavior

Today I’m speaking to writer, editor and content strategist Cheri Hanson, who is also the author of Create Awesome Content. She has experience with getting the monkey of negative thoughts off of her back, and is excited to share her experiences and successes with our listeners through her storytelling. Some of the topics that we’ll […]

Moxiecast 005: How to Be a Curiosity Ninja with John-Paul Flintoff

Curiosity is an antidote to the fear that can shut us down. As adults, we hesitate to do things that might make us look silly. What will people think?  We play it safe; take less chances; get a little more beige and predictable year by year. If that’s as depressing for you as it feels […]

MoxieCast 004: The Mental Workout Behind the Physical One, with Charlene Hutsebaut

Behind every physical workout is a mental workout. Are you using the ‘go hard, or go home’ approach? What if there was a gentler way to prime yourself for wellbeing that actually worked and felt way better? So you ate cake.  Or A cake.  Now you stare at yourself in the mirror, disgusted, and tell […]

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