Learn, Celebrate, Plan…

December 27th, 2018 LIKE WHAT YOU READ? SHARE IT!


I made you something!

Before we leave this roller coaster that is 2018, let’s look back.

Let’s gather up some big insights from this year before launching into 2019 with vision and purpose.

Here’s the deal:

I’ll bring the thought-provoking questions.

You bring the tea, the quiet time and the contemplation.

If you’re a print-and-write kinda person, click here >>Intentional-Living-2019

If you prefer typing and saving, click here >>Intentional-Living-2019-form

Let’s do this. Because intentional living doesn’t happen by accident. Plus, you’re going to feel so darn smug having done this.

Print a few and do it with a friend, your partner, your older kids.



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