12 Disciplines of Personal Awesomeness (at least in my world…)

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:  Be present.  This moment is all we have. Listen deeply to children, to friends and to yourself.  Taste your food & your tea.  Breathe. Feel your joy and aliveness.  Notice how grounding little everyday things can be.

2. NOURISH YOURSELF:  That includes your body and spirit.  Eat your greens.  Then marvel at something – your moxie needs nourishing too.

3. CHANGE YOUR RELATIONSHIP WITH FEAR:  Respect your fear, but don’t let it run the show.  Your inner critic, usually at the control dials of your fears, is not your best self.  Psst: courage is usually feeling stoked and terrified at the same time.

4. NIX THE VICTIM TALK:  You are not your past, your education or your bank balance.  Take robust responsibility for your actions and your attitude.  You are the creator of your life.  Soft, but steely.  Kind, but kick-ass.

5. SERVE:  Bring the full might of your love, power and creativity into the world.  Create a daily habit of giving and being useful.  Champion others. Give (we can always give something – even if it’s sending love and good thoughts). By lighting the light in others, your own radiance grows.  What you put out there really does come back.

6. PASSION IS ESSENTIAL:  What lights your fire?  Start there.  Know the ‘why’ of what you’re creating, and know it deeply.

7. DEFINE (DEEPER) SUCCESS:  I’m talking success beyond all the shiny stuff.  What if real success meant being more of yourself?  Nice things are cool, but having more is really about being, not buying.

8. BREAK OLD PATTERNS THAT NO LONGER SERVE YOU:  Recognise that the attitudes and behaviours that made you this successful, might be perpetuating your stuckness.  Growth is about paying attention and tweaking.  Awesomeness is a lifelong project.

9. COLLABORATE:  You can do anything, but not all at once (and not by yourself).  Ask for help.  Jam with other amazing people to get a creativity injection and a new perspective.  Life is better when you collaborate. Everybody wins.

10. PRACTICE SELF-COMPASSION:  Comparison, self-flagelation, overworking, overthinking and seeking good-enoughness through others – shockingly, none of it grows you as a person.  Be gentle with yourself, so you can spread kindness and awesomeness to others.

11. MAKE PEACE WITH MAKING MISTAKES:  Be OK with hearing ‘no.’  Don’t be discouraged unduly by criticism, or even epic screw ups.  Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn.  Practice making big, outrageous requests for their own sake, without getting caught up in the response.

12. LIVE ON PURPOSE:  Go to your edge – not the crazy-maker kind, like you get when something or someone triggers you.  I’m talking about the creative, oh-my-goodness-I-could-really-pull-this-off kind of edge.  Hang there more often, ideally most of the time.

What disciplines of personal awesomeness do YOU live by?



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