5 Ways To Make the Most of 2013…with help from a Snake

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2013 is the Year of the Snake in the Chinese horoscope.  The snake represents working from the inside out and caring about our dearest (including ourselves).

I’m not a big fan of snakes, unless they’re on shoes or handbags.  But these smooth operators are all about shedding.

Instead of adding to our already heaving lives (more sales crap; more short-lived fitness regimes), how would it be to let go of things, beliefs and habits that no longer serve us?

While I’m not a believer in January resolutions, a new year brings a feeling of change and getting down to business.  There’s the added benefit of renewal – it’s lighter for longer (every second counts), and bunches of daffodils are already in the shops.

In the spirit of my new friend, the Snake, here are 5 tips to making the most of 2013 – not by adding/doing/heaping on, but by gently letting go.

Anyway, resolutions are so 2012….

How would it be to let go of:

1.  Material Stuff that you don’t love, need or want.  In your wardrobe, that includes things that pinch, itch or don’t make you feel amazing.  Detox your underwear drawer too and pitch any skivvies that don’t do you proud.  Wardrobes are easy starts – then spread the love to other areas.

2.  The Grim Reepers by the Water Cooler.  You know the bitchy crew at work, constantly on a downer?  Everything – and everyone – sucks, pretty much all the time.  Having a bitching session can be therapeutic from time to time (no one says you need to blow non-stop sunshine).  What team toxic doesn’t get is that you moan when something really merits it, and then move on.

3.  Victim Status.  If you’re constantly telling yourself, “I’m stressed” or “I’m exhausted,” you’ll probably feel that way most of the time.  A great line from Danielle LaPorte’s book, The Fire Starter Sessions: ‘Everything that is on your plate is there because you said “yes” to it.’  You own your time, not the other way around.  What can you let go of to feel less overwhelmed?

4.  Outdated Beliefs.  We all believe things about ourselves that keep us small and contained.  The usual suspects: ‘I’m not good/smart/gorgeous/talented/experienced enough.’  Is that really true, or is it a belief that you use to play safe?  Amazingness involves risk.  But the good news is, even ‘failure is seldom fatal’ (great quote by Churchill).  Repeat to self: ‘I am good enough right now.’  Then go for it.

5.  Habits Past their Best-Before Date.  Notice what habits no longer serve you.  Maybe saying “yes” too often is preventing you from doing what sustains you – like exercising, relaxing or cooking nourishing food.  By being aware of what habits buoy you up, and which ones deplete you, you can redress the balance.

What are you gently letting go of in 2013?

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