Are You Walking Behind a Farting Camel? Daily Practices to Improve Your Life (and air quality)

February 11th, 2015 LIKE WHAT YOU READ? SHARE IT!

Tony Robbins eats fish and salad for breakfast every day.  It’s one way he sustains his incredible energy.

Jacob Sokol has meditated every day, without fail, for the past five years.  His vibe is cool and fun, but he’s deeply centered too.

Steve Hardison makes an extraordinary commitment every day – to himself.  From this place of self-belief, he is able to serve others so powerfully.

It’s hard to inspire if you’re not nourished, physically and spiritually.  It’s hard to believe in those around you without first believing in yourself.

Think of the inspiring people you know.  Chances are that they have several non-negotiable practices in place that nurture their wellbeing, their spirit and their self-belief.

My random choice of writing music today is Lauren Hill.

“How you gonna win if you ain’t right within?”

Inspiring people get that.  Before anything else, we need to be right within.  This is not about perfection.  It’s about intention.

Daily practices are aligned with our intentions – who are you aspiring to be in the world?  These practices speak to our values.  What’s important to me, bone-deep?  What’s non-negotiable?  Practices begin around the answers to these questions.

But we often sacrifice the very practices that give us moxie and vitality in the pursuit of success.  We get caught up in destination fixation.  The oxygen masks – eating well, meditating, centering ourselves, giving to others, having fun – are cast off in hopes of flying faster.  And when our strategy fails, it’s easy to feel chronic crankiness and impatience.  Never sexy, that.

So how do Tony Robbins, Jacob Sokol and Steve Hardison have the time and robust commitment to nourish their wellbeing?  I’d bet on this.  Their clarity about who they are in the world means they don’t fart around.  They know WHY they do what they do.

They know what success means for them.  That knowing gets built into how they design their lives.  Hello daily practices.

Getting clear on your true purpose of success helps you to identify if you’re on the path.

I love Robert Holden’s definition of the true purpose of success: to serve and inspire people.  That’s how I live my life too.  That’s how I create and adhere to my own daily practices.

Here’s one of them.

I want to feel radiant and vibrantly healthy.  So I choose nourishing foods.  I’m 100% committed to sleeping enough.  I meditate and practice mindfulness.  My health and inner peace are no longer negotiable in the pursuit of success.

Sure, it’d be easy to heat a ready-meal, or grab a pizza and a bottle of vino most nights (I’ve been there).  I can swap my Pilates class for the sofa (it’s winter and dark and rainy).  But longer term, this never feels nourishing.  A temporary pleasure – a quick fix – hasn’t served my body.  If I’m bloated, puffy and irritable the next day, I’m in no place to make a difference.

Daily practices are commitments to yourself and the community you serve. They are not short cuts.  Sometimes these daily practices are hard, and the I-don’t-wanna gremlins show up.

But the inspirer knows the value of commitment.  It’s the mortar that holds the bricks of their dreams together.  They know not to build their daily practices on the foundation of whether they ‘feel like it’ today.  Moods are capricious things.

I leave you with the words of Hafiz, Sufi poet:

Learn to recognize the counterfeit coins

That may buy you just a moment of pleasure,

But then drag you for days

Like a broken man

Behind a farting camel.



What are YOU robustly committed to?  How could that show up in your life as a non-negotiable daily practice?




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