Boxing – and Other Ways to Leave your Comfort Zone

January 23rd, 2013 LIKE WHAT YOU READ? SHARE IT!

Ahh, your comfort zone.  It’s so….comfortable.

Everything is tried, tested and familiar.

Which is precisely why it’s good to leave it sometimes.

Like now.

But don’t panic.  Leaving your comfort zone doesn’t have to happen as a single terrifying leap.  It can be a series of small steps.  The beautiful thing?  With small steps, your resilience expands and your fear recedes.

I ask my clients to write down 10 ways they’d love to leave their comfort zones – things that really juice them up – but they are (or were) too scared to try.

Here are 10 examples, with associated ‘buts’:

  • Learn to dance tango – but I’m a klutz.
  • Quit my job and start a business – but I’m scared I’ll fail.

  • Get fit – but I’m overweight and have no energy.

  • Ask that hot guy out – but I’m scared he’ll say no.

  • Ask that hot girl out – but I’m scared she’ll say no.

  • Learn Italian – but I’ll never get fluent, so why bother?

  • Write a book – but who’d want to read it?

  •  Wear something fitted and sexy – but I hate my body.

  • Ace public speaking – but I’m scared I’ll go blank, sweat profusely and humiliate myself.

  • Make a difference – but I don’t know how.

What about committing to try a dance class?  Just one.  Wear a paper bag over your head to protect your identity, if need be.  It’s just one class – if you hate it, you’ve got permission to leave.  One class.

Quitting your job feel too big?  What about committing to a coffee with someone who has done it, to hear their story and run your idea through.  One coffee.

The hot date?  Why not start with ‘hello’?  See where that goes.  Just one word.

Everything kicks off with a single step (the ‘try it’ phase).  Then you make the choice to add commitment.

To get something you’ve never had, you have to do something you’ve never done.  BUT it doesn’t have to be all at once.

And when you get in the groove of doing new things, keep it going.

Today I did my first-ever boxing session with my personal trainer, Ross.  I was kicking, grunting, sweating.  Doing something new – whatever it is – can feel liberating and life-affirming.

It can recalibrate what we feel capable of in other parts of our lives.

We’re in this together.  What’s your best advice on leaving your comfort zone?  Share your soul food.

By the way, those things you want to do – the things you dream about?  You should do them. 


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