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I’m former a columnist for Psychologies magazine and I write about personal and professional presence, personal branding, and being your best self for publications including the Huffington Post and Psychologies Life Labs. I have also been featured in Psychology Today, The Sunday Times, Top Santé, and on CNBC.

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10 Truths of the Outrageously Focused

Focus isn’t a gift. It’s a choice. There are no special skills required; no workshops to take; no gurus needed. It’s about making the simple decision that the long-term aim outweighs the temporary suckiness of sitting your butt down and doing what needs to be done. Here’s a curated list of key truths of the outrageously-focused. Membership by choice only.

Service – The Daily Practice of the Outrageously Successful

Incredibly successful people have often built the daily ritual of service into their lives. They build others up. They guide, encourage, inspire. They do this because the world already has enough critics and kill-joys – but it’s also who they choose to be.

Let go of the Grabbies

Maybe business is slow, or we’re feeling unsure of ourselves. Maybe our last offering bombed, big time. Or no one commented on our latest outfit, or blog post. It’s easy to get grabby for validation, for good-enoughness…Here’s how to reel back. Spoiler alert: there’s gonna be hugging.

Are You Walking Behind a Farting Camel? Daily Practices to Improve Your Life (and air quality)

So you’re busy killin’ it at work. You’ve dropped the things you once loved (exercise, eating well, fun – remember fun?) in hopes of flying faster. And yet the people really impacting the world often prioritise the very things that are so easy to drop. These inspiring people have created non-negotiable daily practices. I think they’re onto something…

How to Stop Trying to Impress – Because Needy is Creepy

When we want something badly, it’s easy to try too hard to impress. A job. A hot date. Anything were the stakes are high, and we’re over-egging our natural way of being and feeling a bit fakey-pants about it. Here’s a 3-step practice to keep it real – and stay authentic.

The Pocket Guide to Handling Overwhelm

Imagine a world where overwhelm was just a thought, just an electrical impulse whizzing through your crafty brain…4 ways to stop feeling frazzled.

14 Mantras For People Incubating a Dream

Do you have a dream that trails you, year after year, but have no idea how to start? 14 mantras to get your head, heart and gut into a good creative place…

Anne Lamott kicked my ass – and thoughts on what success looks like

What really matters this year when you’re defining how successful you are? Is your success a carefully curated facade, one that looks good from the outside? Lets jam on rethinking success from the inside out.

Change? Check your relationship to your own B.S.

New Year’s Resolutions? Goals? Nothing actually changes till you get tired of your own bullshit.

Random Thoughts on Acts of Kindness

We eat our greens (sprouts anyone?). We do our time on the treadmill. But our wellbeing is also about tuning into our connectedness and our kindness. It’s the season! Here’s how a Big Issue lady gave ME a treasured gift…

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