Dr. Hazel Clark on Finding Your Style

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An American study from retailer T.J.Maxx, in partnership with Dr. Hazel Clark, Research Chair of Fashion at Parsons, The New School for Design, underlines what many of us always suspected: that personal style is, well, personal.

We Dress for Ourselves

The study shows that 88 percent of women dressed for themselves – only a quarter said they dressed to ‘fit in.’

Women are growing more comfortable interpreting fashion trends in a way that resonates with their particular lives.

Most of my image consulting clients are not looking for fashion prescriptions to be strictly adhered to.  They want bespoke tools to empower their styling choices.

They want to understand what colours and shapes suit their bodies, and then play with fashion, depending on the occasion, their budget and mood.

Style Chameleons, Not Cookie Cutters

Dr. Clark discovered that 55 percent of women are interpreting trends to make them personal.

She uses the words ‘style chameleons’ to describe the majority of women, who want to use fashion as a creative outlet to express themselves.

It’s all about individuality.  Women ‘aren’t looking for some cookie-cutter approach to shopping, or to copy a head-to-toe look,’ Dr. Clark adds.

Riff on Trends

I encourage my styling clients to use fashion magazines purely as idea-sources.  Choose what trends appeal to you, then riff on them.  Consider the occasion, your mood and what you want your look to say.  Then be playful.  The key is to keep experimenting.

Surprise! We feel better when we look good…

Dr. Clark confirms something most of us have figured out ourselves.  91 per cent of women agreed with the statement, “when I look good, I feel good.”  More than two-thirds of us enjoy the art of getting dressed.

Clothes are so much more than something to cover our modesty and keep us warm.  They can be confidence-boosters; story-tellers; portals to other parts of our complex selves.  To boot, they’re just great fun.


Read more about Dr. Clark’s study here: http://www.multivu.com/mnr/61169-tj-maxx-and-dr-hazel-clark-study-finds-that-fashion-does-not-control-women




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