Hey! Who Do You Think You Are?

November 18th, 2014 LIKE WHAT YOU READ? SHARE IT!

What if you gave up the achievement-centered life?

I don’t mean swapping your cape for track pants and laying on the sofa watching Jerry Springer re-runs, eating Cheetos.

I’m talking about swapping constant mind-numbing busy-ness, robot-mode, for a life that adds value.  Real value.

That is a purpose-centered life.  It’s a life that swaps grasping for gratitude, stressed-out for centered.

I used to think that the portal to purpose was through achievement.  But that way of living led to burnout and a constant state of not-enoughness. The achievement-centered life wasn’t actually much fun.  The inner critic is a tough taskmaster.

When I realised I was in charge of my thoughts – not the other way around – I learned to listen to the ones that served me, and let the others go.

I didn’t have to be a super-achiever, even though that’s who I thought I was. I confused value with achievement.

Who you are is limited by who you think you are.

We are more empowered than we think.  We have infinite capacity for empathy, love and abundance.

We can learn to choose the best emotion we have access to in a challenging situation.  It’s a habit (just like flipping out is a habit).

We can learn to be kinder to ourselves and to others.  Try firing your relentless taskmaster, and watch your life flourish.

We can stop overriding our inner wisdom.  Deep down, you know a third piece of pecan pie is a bad idea.

We can learn to ratchet up our moxie in moments when we feel bland.  No one exists in a constant state of mojo – we grow it.  It’s a learned thing, like piano.

It’s a choice, all of it.

Purpose-centered living doesn’t necessarily mean quitting your day job and taking up macramé – unless that’s your thing.  It’s about re-orienting yourself to the power center from which you live.

Not sure what your purpose is?  Try love.  As Rumi wrote, ‘Love is the bridge between you and everything.’

I don’t think he was advocating group hugs and singing Kumbaya (though that could be fun at your next meeting).

It’s about being your best self, remembering the power of being, not just doing.  It’s about loosening your grip on who you think you are, (or who you think you have to be) to make space for your authentic self.  It’s the real you we want.  Really.



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