If You Were a Big Cheese, How Would YOU Show Up?

January 9th, 2013 LIKE WHAT YOU READ? SHARE IT!

If you were an ace at what you do – world class, a big cheese – how would you show up in the world?

How would you dress?  What colours would you choose?  What clothes would tell your story?  What would you do on those days when you don’t wanna get up – when you can’t be bothered?

What would you do?

How would you take care of yourself if you were world class?  What food and drink would nourish you?

What respect would you pay to your physicality?  Would your body be a tent or a temple?

If you were world class, how would you carry yourself?  How would you be present in conversations, in every conversation, be it with a waitress or another big cheese?

How would you make people feel about themselves?

How would you be if you felt fully alive, giving out energy and passion, rocking your incredible life?  How would your eyes sparkle?

What would your life be like on fire?  Think about it for a minute. How would you laugh and enjoy yourself?

How would you love?

If you were world class, what would you say “yes” to?  And what would you decline?  Would you choose your commitments carefully, or wag your tail at every opportunity?

How would you make choices?

Would you over-commit and deplete yourself, so you have nothing world class left to offer?

Would you let the very things that juice you up (exercise, down-time, good food, sleep, fun, great sex) go to pot because you’re busy?  Everybody’s busy.

So what would you do?

How would you up your game?  Who would mentor you?  Who would you mentor?  How do world class people stay world class?

How would you innovate?

If you were world class, how would you give?  How would you let others light their candles from you?  What would you realize about giving?

How would you think and speak about yourself?  How would you show up when you’re scared as hell?  Or when you’re inner critic is saying, “I can’t”?  What would you do, if you were world class?

How would you feel about failing?  And if you did fail, what would you do?

Where does world class happen?

Does it land in your lap, or is it a headspace forged choice by choice, day by day?

What’s your next decision?  And how will you rise to it?  Life wants to see what you’re made of.

Life’s got your back – it wants you to win.


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