MoxieCast 008: How to Push Yourself Without Crashing, with Christine Livingston

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Sometimes it can feel like there are two ways of working: Going full throttle (look at how much I’m getting done); and recovering (look at me doing my dead fly impression).  It’s a two-speed cycle: Wo-hoo and boo-hoo.  Overachievers, I am talkin’ to you…

So how can you work hard without crashing and burning?

If you’ve ever struggled with this, today’s show is for you.

Coach, writer and well-being queen, Christine Livingston is rocking the mic.

We talk about how we can push ourselves to achieve, while still operating from a place of self-love – it’s an art (but it’s do-able).

We discuss:

  • How Christine’s transformation from a chronic overachiever to a self-loving entrepreneur has impacted her success
  • The secret ingredient to being more successful (hint: It starts with ‘B’ and ends with ‘oundaries’)
  • Clues that you’re going off the path, and how to course-correct
  • How to tell the difference between your overachiever voice vs. your be-kind-to-yourself voice

This is a really nourishing, soulful conversation. Join us.



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