MoxieCast 011: How to Handle Conflict (and other reader questions) with Varian Brandon

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Conflict. Shuddering at the very mention of the word? You’re not alone.

I recently asked my Daily Moxie readers to hit reply and tell me about their current challenges. I wanted to know what they were struggling with. What would they love support on? Conflict came up time and again.

That got me thinking about how I could astonish you guys with useful information.

I thought, why not do some episodes with TWO coaches to support you on your dilemmas. That’s how this episode was born.

And I knew just the person to help. Enter Varian Brandon.

For those of you who don’t know Varian yet, she’s an inspirational speaker, business coach and mentor. Aside from cooking a mean mac & cheese, she’s also known for her bold, big-hearted wisdom, and for saying it like it is, with grace and tact and intelligence.

Today’s episode is for YOU if you’re wondering how to handle conflict, and a few other juicy topics including:

  • How to manage your expectations when you’re running your own business (and life intervenes)
  • How to handle rejection
  • How to appreciate your existing wins, instead of always next-ing
  • How to stop getting flustered at work
  • How to make time for important projects, like writing a book or starting business, when you work full-time

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Some gems by Varian:

“You don’t know how strong a relationship is until it can survive conflict.”

“Sometimes a “no” is not rejection; it’s protection.”

“Understanding the “why”… can help you make changes.”

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