MoxieCast 038: How not to fear failure, with Dr Erin Baker

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MoxieCast Episode 38

Today’s guest craves failure (not chocolate like the rest of us).

Most people will run a mile to avoid failing and looking bad, lest folks point and laugh.

Not Dr. Erin Baker.

She’s a leadership coach with a PhD in social psychology. In her previous career, Erin held senior roles at Microsoft and Facebook (READ: lots of pressure to perform and get things right).

With a big brain and a stellar career, you might find yourself thinking, “Say what?” if I told you that Erin was terrified of failing.

Or rather, she used to be.

Instead of living in fear, Erin geeked out on it, examined it like a scientist, and came up with some fascinating conclusions that you want to know about

If you’ve got bullet-proof confidence and eat fear for breakfast (with a side of spiders), this episode is NOT for you. Have a lovely day. Bye now!

But if you’ve ever felt like a weenie, doubted yourself, or played small because you’re afraid to splat, then tune in my friend. You’re in for a treat.

Here’s a few things we play with in this episode:

  • When you fail, do you move on, or do you chastise yourself on replay? (Remember that time you screwed up in 1977?) 
  • How getting clear on real vs. perceived risk can be a game-changer
  • Dreaming big (it starts with small steps)
  • Befriending failure? Research and data make all the difference
  • What failure actually means, depends on you (I never thought about it like that…)

Join us! There’s bubbly at the end!


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Quotes by Dr. Erin Baker:


“I am a recovering perfectionist. I spent the first 33 years of my life just absolutely terrified of what it meant if I failed.”

“These days, I actually crave failure.”

“When we fail, we’ve just done some sort of action.”

“Bubbles for everyone!” (very possibly the best quote ever)

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