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Jacqueline Kneebone has the best eyebrows I’ve ever seen.  Perhaps that’s no surprise when you hear she’s the Spa Manager at the Sanderson Hotel.  In this week’s My Style interview, Kneebone talks about clean lines, minimalist clothes and how she gets those brows.

‘I read that lazy women can’t be elegant – there’s truth in that!’ Kneebone says.  She has mastered sleek, understated luxe, much like Charlene, Princess of Monaco, or the late Carolyn Bessette Kennedy.

Kneebone is a picture of elegance amongst the white wafty décor of the Sanderson Hotel.  Her look is all about simple, softly-structured clothes in luxurious fabrics and subtle colours.  It has to be.  ‘My job is to make people feel calm,’ she smiles.  ‘My image has to convey that message every day.’  Fortunately, the Sanderson’s style ethos aligns with her own.

For those who love this look, the challenge of understated elegance is that it’s hardly ever simple – hence the lazy women comment.

So how does she do it?

‘I read a lot of books to arrive at my look,’ she says.  ‘I had to learn what suits my shape, and then built my wardrobe from scratch with basic pieces that I love.  Everything is coordinated around my neutral colour palette. That might sound really boring, but it works for me.’

The look is built around good quality, fit and minimalist colour and accessories (‘I only like wearing one key piece of jewellery at a time’).

What makes simplicity sing, according to Kneebone, is grooming.  ‘The look doesn’t work if my skin, hair and nails aren’t immaculate.  I have regular Eve Lom facials and always wear a little make up to look healthy.  My manicures are always pale and neutral.’

The end result looks blissfully effortless – barely there make up and clothes with clean lines and no fuss.

‘Personal style is complete confidence in what you’re wearing. It’s about something within you that consistently comes through – that’s authenticity,’ she says.  ‘It’s not really about clothes.  It’s knowing what feels right and gives you confidence, and doing that repeatedly.’

Kneebone follows her own advice.  ‘I know I don’t suit casual clothes. I feel much better in streamlined, softly-tailored pieces.  And if I don’t feel and look healthy and groomed, I lose my confidence,’ she adds.

Learn what gives you confidence and do more of that.  Learn, too, what takes your confidence away and adjust your personal style accordingly, Kneebone suggests.

And a takeaway tip to finish?  ‘Definitely eyebrows,’ she enthuses.  ‘Whatever your style, everything looks better when your eyebrows look great.’

In case you’re still wondering how Kneebone gets her work-of-art arches, she reveals: ‘I get them threaded, tinted and trimmed.’












Photography by Antonina Mamzenko

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