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Nick Flynn, Marketing & Events Officer, LK Bennett

Nick Flynn has the Kate Moss factor.  Something’s a bit off.  His hair is mussed up and his shirt is crumpled.  But he always looks amazing, like he’s never trying too hard.  In this week’s interview, Flynn talks about looking stylishly scruffy (not as easy as it sounds…).

I love interviewing people who adore colour.  And Nick Flynn certainly does.  We pause in front of a colourful shop window and Flynn notes, ‘that’s the exact blue of my childhood bedroom!’  It feels like the right place to stop and take pictures.

‘With my clothes, I like it if my colours and prints don’t really go,’ Flynn says.  ‘Clothing has to believable.  I’m a very natural person, and that’s what my clothes say.  Personal style is about what’s right for you.  It’s what takes you into the world each day.’

We talk about grooming and the dapper David Gandy.  ‘I love that polished, slicked-back look.  But I know it’s not sustainable for me,’ he adds.  ‘I’m always a little undone.  My hair’s a bit wild, and my beard is always slightly ungroomed.  That’s just me.’

Flynn has a basic formula that has moved on from his ‘flamboyant teenage looks’.  ‘My silhouette is the same most days: slim trousers, a loose-fit shirt, a simple jumper and one unusual twist.  That’s it.  Repetition is a good thing.’

Olympia Dukakis has a great line in Steel Magnolias:  ‘The only thing that separates us from the animals is our ability to accessorise.’  Flynn gets that.  The fun touches – the bags, multi-coloured socks and ties (‘oh, I do love a Liberty print’) – are what bring his look to life.

But his biggest fashion thrill is layering.  ‘Living in London, you need this skill.  You could experience any season on a given day,’ he says.  As a layering aficionado, Flynn doesn’t actually have a separate summer/winter wardrobe.

‘Layering is the most exciting thing about fashion,’ he says.  It’s a way of repurposing your existing clothes for function and fun – ‘I love the colour pop of a pink t-shirt under a white shirt.’

Flynn is so creative and full of good ideas on style, I can’t resist asking for a takeaway tip: ‘Ask yourself, who am I trying to impress?  Who am I dressing for?’ he says.  ‘I don’t worry that much about what others think. I wear clothes that make me happy, and that I feel good in.’

To find your style, you need to leave your comfort zone. ‘Experiment,’ he adds.  ‘Think about what you like and try it out.  If those looks are not having the impact you want, or are making you uncomfortable, then tweak or rethink them.’

About the ‘undone’ thing, a look so deceivingly simple, which slides into disheveled for most of us, Flynn says: ‘It’s not contrived. What’s authentic for one person, doesn’t work on someone else.’

It’s about the whole package.  David Gandy or Don Draper can’t pull off the undone look with conviction.  It’s not their image.  The unshaven, crumpled Don who has slept in the office, loses his dapperness.

‘Just be yourself,’ Flynn says, ‘and go from there.’
























Photography by Antonina Mamzenko.

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