Your Best-Self Grows Others…

April 21st, 2015 LIKE WHAT YOU READ? SHARE IT!

Growing others grows the Self. Your brightness increases when you light the light in others. Truth, that.

When we fixate on developing ourselves – as if we’re in need of fixing – it’s easy for not-good-enoughness to creep in. Then we entertain the host of gremlins, quick to point out our faults with a precision laser pointer.

Ego-driven, self-doubting thoughts cut us off from others. These thoughts make us lose perspective. Victim thinking creeps in (I’m hopeless at this; This always happens to me; I always pull the short straw; Typical!).

It’s an Eeyore mindset.

When you feel yourself sliding into me-me-me thinking, like a narcissistic opera singer, change the tune. Try you-you-you. Serve somebody. Help out. Contribute. One of the great ironies of self-development is that it works best when you are helping others.

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