Psst! Tips from senior managers (and interviewers) about your personal brand

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Congratulations!  You’ve joined a company as a new graduate, intern or are looking for your first job in the corporate world.  Wouldn’t it be useful to have some tips from senior management to guide your personal brand journey?  Good news.  I’ve asked some leaders from various industries for their pearls of wisdom about your brand at work.


‘Treat everyone respectfully – a bad word about your behaviour can travel upwards very quickly.’  Head of Professional Development, Legal Industry

‘The interests section on your CV is often the starting point for questions at interviews, to help candidates feel relaxed. Make sure you have something specific noted there, interesting but not odd.’  Senior Lecturer, Education Industry

‘Leaving the sticker on the soles of your shoes, shoes that need re-heeling or polishing, chipped nail varnish, a CV with typos… it all says you have no attention to detail.  You can also go over the top (too much perfume or aftershave, disco make-up).  Don’t give anyone any hurdles to get over – let people focus on you and your skills, rather than an assault on their senses.’ Chief Executive, Public Relations & Communications Industry

‘Don’t underestimate the importance of a good haircut, groomed nails, and polished shoes.’  CEO, Consulting Industry

‘Network!  It’s critical to seek out individuals who will help build your understanding and help you to navigate the organisation.  Additionally, take any feedback on board, and be resilient.  Think of ways to work smarter.  Your new organisation has made an investment by hiring you – now it’s your time to deliver.  Good luck!’  Learning & Development Officer, Investment Banking

‘The workplace is no place for very short skirts and too-high heels.  Work wear is not clubbing wear.’  HR department, Legal Industry

‘How you present yourself – your clothing, your body language – says everything about how you feel about yourself. In a professional and also personal sense, people admire and gravitate towards those who look confident and feel good about themselves.  Always look in the mirror before you go out – do you look like that person?’  CEO, Consulting Industry

‘Master the handshake.  It sounds simple, but a lot of people have a handshake that lets their personal brand down.  Get feedback on yours from a friend.  Honestly.  Do it.’  CEO, Branding & Image Consulting Industry

‘Two words: posture and attitude.  That immediately tells the world about who you are, and how you work.’  Director, Financial Services

‘To build your reputation and get the most out of networking opportunities, give some thought to how you will introduce yourself to senior managers so you’re not on the spot when this happens.  Focus your message on what you are responsible for, not just which team you are working in.  They will be interested in what you are contributing to the organisation – what value are you adding?’  Head of Emerging Talent, IT Services Industry

‘Be a very good listener.  Then speak clearly, with confidence and purpose.’  Director, Marketing Communications


What personal brand tips can you add to the list?  If you’re already established in your career, what personal brand or image tips can you offer from your experience?

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