Quiz: What affirmation will help you to flourish?

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Affirmations aren’t the miracle cure they were once hyped to be, but there are times when they do seem to work miracles – transforming a bad mood, generating motivation, or giving you a confidence boost when you need to shine. The trick is to find one that works for you. Answer these questions to identify your most effective affirmation, then simply use when needed – repeat in your head, or out loud in front of a mirror.

Growing up, you were known as a*
When you’ve achieved a goal, you think...*
On the whole, it’s most important for you to feel*
You struggle to give yourself permission to*
Your self belief takes a knock when you feel*
You wish you found it easier to*
Before any big decision you*
You’d feel better if you could stop*
You most regret time spent*
You tend to flourish when you know*
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