Quiz: What are you most afraid of?

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Would you like to feel just a little less fearful of things that your logical mind knows aren’t really a threat? Even if your fear isn’t strong enough to hold you back from making the most of opportunities that come your way, low level anxiety can make everything feel like hard work. If you’d like to turn down the dial on your fear response, answer these questions to find out what will help your tolerance for uncertainty to flourish.

Which of these daily events can trigger stress or anxiety for you?*
Your partner suggests you both take a grown-up gap year. What worry is most likely to hold you back?*
You secretly admire people who*
When you have an important decision to make, you tend to*
You tend to feel bravest when*
You would find it easier to make big changes if you*
When you ruminate on the past, you’re most likely to fret about*
You’re asked to make a speech at a friend’s party. Afterwards, you’re most likely to think about whether*
You’re most likely to do something outside of your comfort zone if*
Having more confidence would have the most impact on your*
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