Scandily Clad – Anne-Marie Skau on being practical, yet cool


F. Scott Fitzgerald’s line, ‘You always look so cool,’ could describe a lot of Scandi women.  Anne-Marie Skau is one of them.  She gives us her take on Scandi chic in part two of the Scandily Clad series.


Define Scandi style:  We’re chic, but practical.  The Scandinavia lifestyle is very active – we’re always walking and riding bicycles – so we’re good at casual dressing.  Casual is cool, not sloppy.

As a Scandinavian woman, what does personal style mean for you?  It’s about successfully mixing high street and designer.  One of my favourite outfits is an H&M dress with Chanel shoes.  We mix and match a lot.  I love By Malene Birger, but don’t wear her clothes head to toe.

You’re inspired by?  Magazines.  I’m a bit obsessed.

Scandi women are so achingly hip because… We dress according to what we’re doing, where we’re going, and how we’ll get there.

Style secret?  Forget the size on the label.  Going up a size can give you a much better fit.  Too tight, short or skinny isn’t good.  My other tip: a great pair of sunglasses.  Instant cool.













Last week, Anne-Sofie Danekilde talked about the Law of Jante and the next generation’s more personalised style.  Next week, Jacqueline Kneebone, Manager of the Sanderson Hotel’s Agua Spa, talks about grooming and the secret power of eyebrows…

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