Service – The Daily Practice of the Outrageously Successful

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Daily practices are self-empowerment tools. They are commitments to ourselves, mini-rituals for which we show up every day, without fail.  Without grumbling.  We do them, not because we always feel like it (we don’t); but because they’re integral to who we are, and to who we’re becoming.  They are secrets to our well-being and success.

I’ve written more about daily practices here.

Maybe you’re a meditator or a runner or a green smoothie drinker.  I’d like to put another kind of daily practice on the table: Service.

Serving others is a daily practice of being useful.  It’s being open to the opportunities to engage, uplift, encourage and transform.

Inertia is an epidemic.  Let someone else do it.  I’m too busy/stressed/overwhelmed, and besides no one serves ME.  So why should I bother?

The powerful people I know who live from a place of service don’t think like that.  They commit to showing up from a place of generosity. They are gracious.  Patient.  They offer ideas, connections and give openly of their time and talent.  And somehow they still have time to be successful.  Funny, that.

These people get that service is a muscle.  They build it by being awake to opportunity.  Who can I help today?  Whose business can I boost?  Whose mood can I influence?  Whose work can I comment on?  Who would benefit from an encouraging word?

It’s so much more fun to be a giver than a grump.  That’s why the outrageously successful can give with no expectation of it boomeranging back.  Maybe living from a place of service stacks the karma deck in their favor.  But people who serve aren’t looking to get something back.

People who serve do so, because it’s who they are.  The getting back is in the giving.



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