Swiss Air Insights From A Snowboarder Dude

December 8th, 2013 LIKE WHAT YOU READ? SHARE IT!

I’m on the last flight out of Geneva after running two days of corporate training.  It was amazing, but I’m tired.  Bone tired.  And I’m bummed because my flight’s delayed.  There’s a storm approaching, and more and more flights are being canned.  This is bad news.

I’m pre-calculating tomorrow’s calendar carnage if I have to camp out in Geneva.  “I’m too tired for this,” I hear my crotchety self saying as I watch the monitor.  This is really inconvenient.

But 30 minutes later, my seatbelt is clicked in and my eyes are closed.  Deep exhale, deep gratitude.  No calendar Tetris required.

“Err, sorry, I’m next to you.  32B.”

It’s a young guy, late teens or early 20s.  He settles in and I sense he wants to chat.  Great.  He’s been snowboarding, he says.  I smile and nod, my In-Flight mag at the ready, always a handy conversation thwarter.

He moves his legs and grimaces.

“Man, the snowboarding was wicked, but I’m wrecked,” he says, “totally trashed.  But I love it.  It’s so worth it!”

“I guess that’s part of doing what you love,” I say.

He nods and sensing I’m not much into chitchat tonight, he settles into that virtually immediate, full-on sleep of youth (5 minutes flat, head back, mouth open, out for the count).

Here’s my chance to doze, but I’m replaying our brief conversation.

“I guess that’s part of doing what you love.”

The irony of my own words isn’t wasted on me.

Everything that’s in my calendar has been input by me.  Agreed to by me.

In fact, I wanted all this, asked the Universe to manifest me international speaking gigs like this.  It was me, I admit it.

Even when we love the changes we’re making in our lives – in my case, running my own business for the last 6 years – it’s easy to get swept away by the downsides and inconveniences that are a part of those changes.  I made these choices – every single one of them.

What about you?  Too tired?  You have choices about what you say ‘yes’ to. No room for the unexpected in your calendar?  Maybe you should change your scheduling.  We’re all learning, me included.  How would it be to be mindful of the consequences of our smaller choices, as well as our bigger reasons for making changes?

When we’re mindful, we can push back on getting triggered by the small stuff, especially when life is “wicked” most of the time.  I believe that is called perspective.

Sometimes you need a little altitude to see things clearly.

Thank you snowboarder dude.







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