What Beyoncé Can Teach Us About Authenticity

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The words ‘Super Bowl’ will make most of us think of Beyoncé, right?  No surprise.  The press has called her booty-shaking performance the best half-time show in history.

That’s no small feat considering her image had taken some stick after she admitted lip-syncing at President Obama’s inauguration.

The press has called her Super Bowl triumph as one of the best turnarounds in PR history.

Weeks before, some fans and commentators used words like ‘fake’ and ‘dishonest’ to express their disappointment that Beyoncé didn’t sing live on such a momentous occasion.

The part of Beyoncé’s response that caught my eye: ‘I am a perfectionist.’

Her audience didn’t want perfect.  They wanted real.

They wanted her to be authentic, doing what she does best – even if that posed the risk of a less than perfect performance.

Which leads us leads us away from the Super Bowl (where I’d say she reclaimed her bootylicious image) to your playing field.

How would it be if YOU worried less about being perfect, and concentrated more on being yourself?

Authenticity is about being genuine – being you, but in the fullest possible way, even when it feels risky.

It’s about being mindful, and using that mindfulness to make the best choices to align your actions with who you are.

It’s about developing self-awareness, which is key to choosing the right response for the situation.  I call that self-management.

Beyoncé is in show business.  But what if the rest of us put less ‘show’ into the businesses we’re in?

It’s you they really want – your best possible, genuine, self-aware self.

As Danielle LaPorte puts it, ‘forget about being impressive and commit to being real.’

Good advice for all of us, including Ms. Knowles.

But she’s bounced back just fine – she’s a survivor.


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