10 Truths of the Outrageously Focused

  1.   Changing your life means changing your priorities.
  2.  Knowing what you want bone-deep, and taking steps towards that every day, prevents the gnawing ache of chronic dissatisfaction.
  3.  Fearlessness is fictional.
  4.  Time is your only non-renewable resource.  Use it accordingly.
  5.  Enlightenment, readiness, a bullet-proof plan – you don’t need any of this to begin.  You just need to BEGIN.
  6.  Distraction is the enemy.  Get clear on what your time-sucks are: chronic tea-making; Facebook; answering calls/texts/chats that you know aren’t urgent; online shopping; being off-railed by the ping of every new email.
  7.  Avoiding energy vampires and their mojo-stabbing conversations by the water cooler.
  8.  It’s possible to be driven and still be gentle with yourself – in fact, it’s the only sustainable way.
  9.  Work hard and be nice to people.  Let Karma deal with the tossers.  Stay goodhearted.
  10. Know the ‘why’ of what you’re doing.  No clear why, no clear way.

(and a bonus truth:  When you’ve got something big on the boil, it’s ok to be boring for a while…which takes us back to point 1: Priorities!)

So what’s your personal truth about focus?