These custom-made quizzes are created for us by the brilliant Sally Brown, counsellor, coach, and psychotherapist.


Take our quiz to identify where your life is really out of balance, and what needs to change.

What are you most afraid of?

Take our quiz to find out what will help your tolerance for uncertainty to flourish.

What affirmation will help you to flourish?

Take our quiz to identify your most effective affirmation.

What does your sense of self need to thrive?

Take our quiz to find out how to get back in touch with your inner wisdom.

Hesitant to Speak Up? Try this quiz

Take our quiz to find out what gets in the way of you speaking up and being heard.

What kind of comfort do you really need?

Is your go-to way to self-soothe when times are tough just an emotional bandage? Take our test to identify what will really give you the comfort you crave.

What do you need to feel lighter?

Do you ever feel like you carry the world on your shoulders? Take our test to discover your personal barriers to feeling lighter and find ways to shift them.

What’s at the root of your “Good Girl” behavior?

Being a Good Girl may have got you to where you are today – but does it also keep you stuck there? Take our test to find out what you need to let go of to move on from the Good Girl trap.

Are you waiting for the other shoe to drop?

Take our test to find out how to make feeling good about good stuff feel safe again.

Are you Addicted to Struggle?

Take the test to identify your personal Struggle Equation. Find out which of your beliefs are tied to struggle and learn how to let go and live with more ease.

Impostor Syndrome – What makes you feel like you’re faking it?

If you’re experienced, conscientious and good at what you do, but still can’t seem to shake the feeling of being an impostor at work, take our test to find out what’s feeding your self-doubt.

What gets in the way of you feeling enough?