Quiz: Impostor Syndrome – What makes you feel like you’re faking it?

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I’ve commissioned another quiz for you, created by esteemed psychotherapist, counsellor and coach, Sally Brown.

If you’re experienced, conscientious and good at what you do, but still can’t seem to shake the feeling of being an impostor at work, take our test to find out what’s feeding your self-doubt.

Read the questions below, then select the answer that most closely applies to you.

You feel best about yourself at work when you’ve*
When faced with an important task you can*
You could achieve more if you*
The best way for you to relax is to*
Sometimes you wish you could*
You tend to deal with personal problems by*
You struggle with people who*
Good feedback at work makes you feel*
You’ve done OK so far because you*
You’d most benefit from more*

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