Quiz: Are you Addicted to Struggle?

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Is this you?
You’re suspicious of how good an outcome really is if the process was too quick and easy.
You often make things harder than they need to be.
You’re secretly resentful when someone accomplishes something easefully.
You’re often praised for how hard you work. (I often got this one: “You never give up! You’re such a tough cookie!”)
Deep down, you feel there’s something noble about struggling for a result.

Take the test to identify your personal Struggle Equation. Find out which of your beliefs are tied to struggle and learn how to let go and live with more ease.

You’ll get a result at the end of the test, but may identify with more than one response. Feel free to read through the others to see what else resonates.

If success comes too easily, you worry that*
Your background worry is usually focussed on*
On the whole, it’s most important for you to feel*
The most difficult aspect of making a big decision is*
When times are tough, you find yourself*
Living with more ease would help you*
When life gets too easy, you tend to*
Accepting help can make you feel*
Without struggle in your life, you wonder if you’d*
You’re often praised for*

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