14 Mantras For People Incubating a Dream

So I’m writing a book – a memoir – and it’s something that matters a great deal to me. It’s personal. I’ve poured years of physical and emotional energy into my ‘big-love’ project.  It’s been incubating for a long time, and finally 7 years ago, it was time to begin.

There was huge relief in starting, not having to lug this massive idea around anymore. But something else happened when I started actioning my dream, having no clear vision where this was going.  The badass gremlins closed in. No one’s gonna to care about your drivel.  Your writing sucks.  People aren’t going to like it. You’re going to offend family members. This is career kamikaze. And so on…

If you’re harboring a dream that just keeps trailing you, here are 14 mantras to get you going – gremlins and all.

  • I can start without knowing all the details.
  • When I take consistent baby steps, the picture gets clearer.

* Self-doubt is part of the process.  It’s not just me.

* I am not fooled by distractions masquerading as something urgent.

* I acknowledge that all feedback is autobiographical.  I say ‘thank you,’ but go with my gut.

* I am self-compassionate – all creative processes require huge doses of self-kindness.

* I give myself permission to create badly.

* I say ‘No’ more often, so I can say ‘Yes’ to my vision.

* Focus is a muscle I’m exercising.  So is faith.

* I nourish my moxie.

* Just for today, I unhook from all criticism (my own included) over whether this is going ‘to work’.  I will repeat this exercise tomorrow.  And the next day…

* My dream is on my to-do list (in bite-sized form) – every day.

  • I make my workspace beautiful and inspiring.

* By daring to live my dream, I empower others to do the same.

What about you – are you living the dream?  What ‘Just Do It’ mantra would you add?

A bow where a bow is due.  Thank you Alexandra Franzen for the inspiration for this post.