Episode 1: From Overachieving to Surrender, with David Vox

Put on your seatbelts, folks. My guest, David Vox, drops us into some gripping territory, by sharing how he swapped overachieving for self-acceptance. Now a transformational guide, David spent decades pushing down his own unhealed childhood trauma. He had a toned body, impressive accolades, and a closet full of Gucci and Hermes. From the outside, his life looked enviable. But inside, he was empty and self-critical. At a crossroads in his life, David gave away all his designer possessions (yep, Gucci in the garbage), and returned home to a remote village in Norway to face his greatest fear.

David’s story is laced with insights for anyone trying to fill the void inside themselves with chronic hustle and shiny objects. We talk about cultivating self-love, releasing rage, and choosing forgiveness. A master storyteller, David beautifully sums up how enoughness isn’t something to be sought (or bought), but rather, something to be tapped into. Prepare to be moved.