Episode 10: Re-identifying With Yourself After a Massive Life Change with Catherine Kell

Can you love yourself when you no longer relate to yourself?

Maybe a big life event – a redundancy, a divorce, an illness, or an accident – has changed how you feel in your own skin.

You know that you’re unlikely to get back to the “old you,” which is hard to accept. #somuchrage

So, you’re in this fog, thinking, “Well fug, I didn’t expect my life to turn out like this.”

How do you surrender to a new reality that you never wanted?

How do you move forward?

Can you ever thrive again?

Catherine Kell was at the top of her corporate career game when her life went badly wrong. She was unable to walk, and was in constant pain. She wished she hadn’t survived.

This is a raw, relatable, life-affirming story of how you can learn radical self-compassion.

And even if your life hasn’t been upended, Catherine’s practical teachings on being less of a jerk to yourself is a balm.

Need another reason to listen?

Two words: Scottish accent.

You’re welcome.

Hit play and join us.



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