Episode 11: Men’s Mental Health & Daily Emotional Fitness, with Addison Brasil

How does not-enoughness manifest for men?

How might perfectionism and the pressures to appear a certain way be even more challenging during a pandemic?

And what’s possible for men’s mental health in a post-pandemic world?

I wanted to have this urgent conversation because the current statistics on men’s mental health and suicide rates are both staggering and heart breaking.

Today’s guest is Addison Brasil, men’s mental health advocate, and cofounder of Tethr, a men’s mental health and wellbeing app that’s focused on peer support.

This is a timely, necessary conversation whether you’re a man feeling the pressures of life in extended lockdown, or whether you want to be a better ally to the men in your life.

This episode is also radically practical, as Addison shares insights and ideas from his own lived experience, and from the thousands-strong online community that he helps to support.

We talk perfectionism, grief (wowzers, this bit!), and daily emotional fitness. Provocative, helpful, practical.

Let’s go!


Addison Brasil on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/addisonbrasil/

Tethr on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tethrformen/

Tethr website: https://www.tethr.men