Episode 12: Stripping Down & Becoming More Real, with Shelley Paxton

Psst…listen up.

You might think that successful folks who appear smugly (nay, gloriously) comfortable in their own skin, have somehow either:

  • By-passed the squinchy not-enoughness that the rest of us stew in;


  • Have found the holy grail, the tidy ten-step plan to free themselves from their supposed inadequacy.

If you’ve ever scratched your head and wondered, “Hmm, how does someone actually ‘do the inner work?’”, today’s episode is a peek behind the curtain. Enoughness isn’t bestowed on us. It’s something we choose, sometimes moment by moment. It’s how we create ourselves.

Shelley Paxton had a stellar corporate career, including a global role at Harley-Davidson.

She went onto start the Soulbbatical movement (more later), wrote a best-selling book, and makes massive impact in the world. To boot, she has the coolest urban/industrial loft apartment.

Is super successful Shelley free of miserable, less-than moments? Nope.

We talk about the real-time becoming of our next-level selves. Shedding. Stripping down. Catching ourselves falling into old beliefs, and how we fish ourselves out.

This episode is deliciously conversational, and I think you’ll find your shoulders dropping two inches by the end.

Hit play. See you on the other side…


Shelley Paxton on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/soulbbatical/

On LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/shelley-paxton-759163/

Website: https://soulbbatical.com

Mandy on Shelley’s podcast: https://soulbbatical.com/rebel-souls/quit-overachieving-and-quiet-your-inner-ahole-with-mandy-lehto/