Episode 15: From Good Girl to Sovereign Woman, with Monique Debose

Monique DeBose is a transformational entertainer. What’s that, you ask?

Well, she writes music, plays, and creates courses for women that change lives. I daresay she’ll have that effect on you in this podcast episode too.

We meander into all kinds of provocative places as we unpack how Monique’s good girl conditioning has infiltrated her life, right down to what she thinks about going into a store, to how she mothers her sons.

She shares generously about her own experience, as a woman of color, of how she’s moving out of good girl, and into sovereign woman.

How? Monique is a big believer in finding a safe, supportive community during your transformative process. She also gives us a powerful exercise to start clearing our “want” and “desire” pipes. The flow in those “want” pipes is often clogged in women with good girl conditioning.

Oh, and I’ve woven in some music from Monique’s new album, You Are The Sovereign One, to make this podcast even more transformational and experiential.

Ready to step into sovereign woman? Press play and join us…



Monique’s Course: https://www.moniquedebosemusic.com/sovereign

Monique’s website: https://www.moniquedebosemusic.com

Nova Reid’s book, The Good Ally: https://novareid.com