Episode 21: The List of Sh*t That Made Me (mostly) Accept my Enoughness, with Mandy Lehto

Let’s talk wakeup calls. Maybe it was an illness. Or a divorce. What’s on your list of (probably ghastly) moments that made you question your BS beliefs of not-enoughness and start to LIVE?

Sometimes growth is all fluffy bunnies and harp music.

But mostly, face palms and ugly crying are involved.

Today’s theme was inspired by Farida D, a gender researcher and poet. Her Instagram profile pic is a phrase: “The List of Sh*t that Made Me A Feminist.”

Her “List of Sh*t” got me thinking about some of those ghastly experiences that forced/shocked/invited me to reclaim my own worth and power.

I share three situations and three learnings from different seasons of my life. I invite you to listen with your own “list of sh*t” that helped you to reclaim some of yourself.

In my experience, these insights often solidify in hindsight – and often with the help of a prompt, which I’m hoping this mini-episode will be.




Farida D. on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/farida.d.author/

Mandy on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mandylehto/

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