Episode 22: I Do This Every Morning, with Mandy Lehto

In this 13-minute episode, I share a mini practice that’s having mega impact so far. Instead of waiting till I’d mastered it, I’m sharing now, as I’m experimenting myself. It’s a simple, free thing I do every morning, and – for me anyway – the timing of it is key.

If you’re shedding old habits too, and are feeling a bit discombobulated in the meantime, GREAT! Coming off autopilot with old, ingrained habits and beliefs can have that wonky-fying effect. This technique can help.

Do I regularly forget to do this? Yep.

Do I sometimes roll my eyes and feel a bit jaded and cynical about it? Uh huh.

Do I keep doing it anyway? YES! Because there’s something to the lost art of consistency, instead of next-ing through all the advice in gazillions of self-help books (and then saying this shiz doesn’t work).

Ready for the big reveal? Hit play. Let’s roll.