Episode 28: How to Adjust Expectations of Yourself With Suzy Reading

If you have excessively high expectations of yourself, and you’re struggling to practice self-compassion (or slow down), this episode is for YOU.

Today’s guest is Suzy Reading, psychologist, self-care advocate and author. I asked Suzy to create a tool kit for anyone who’s languishing right now, feeling depleted 

– though still trudging forward. Must. Keep. Going.

She shares some exceedingly do-able methods to give yourself some grace.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Administer self-tenderness (without rolling your eyes)
  • Habitualize self-insight when planning your day
  • Regulate your nervous system
  • View goal setting in an intriguing new way
  • Practice self-forgiveness


Join us.



Oh! And listen for the book giveaway of Suzy’s beautiful new book, And Breathe: Self-care Journal.

Suzy’s website: https://www.suzyreading.co.uk

Her latest book: And Breathe: Self-care Journal