Episode 30: How to stop living a life deferred, with Dr Shoshana Garfield

Trigger Warning: This episode makes reference to severe childhood trauma

Perfectionism is a typical addiction pattern, says today’s guest, Dr Shoshana Garfield.

The pattern goes like this: If I can just do or get (fill in the blank with your chosen item or accomplishment), THEN I’ll be happy. Or at least less unhappy.

The tragedy is that the fix, once achieved, never truly satisfies. It’s a moving target. Sound familiar?

In this episode, you’ll learn how to start extricating yourself from the addiction pattern that’s obscuring your wholeness and magnificence underneath.

  • Learn how Shoshana recovered from the four addictions that developed on the back of her childhood trauma.
  • Understand the difference between buying items from a place of perfectionism vs from a healthy place of enjoyment.\
  • Learn a powerful practice to bring you back to wholeness in this moment.

Moving and highly practical.

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