Episode 36: Busting your not-enough scams, with Mandy Lehto

Welcome to the SCAM SHOW, a special edition of Enough, the podcast. In this solo episode, I’m talking about the scams that are shrinking down your joy, self-worth, and sense of possibility till your life is so teeny weeny that it fits inside of a match box.

What are scams, you ask? They’re the beliefs that you’ve internalized over the years, that feel like the TRUTH – but they’re anything but.

These beliefs have scammed you, and we’re busting free (or at least getting free-er) in this episode.

You’ll hear three of the scammiest scams on my list, including I AM NOT ALLOWED TO FAIL, and learn what you can do about your own.

Light-hearted with a powerful message. Join us.



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