Episode 40: Teaching girls to express challenging emotions, with Natalie Costa

Today’s episode is a practical, fast-paced conversation about how to raise daughters who know how to be with their emotions. Maybe you were discouraged as a child from being angry, and were told things like, “Calm down” or “that’s not very lady-like” or “good girls don’t behave like that.” My hope is that with more awareness, we can help to raise a generation of girls who self-advocate and speak up.

My guest today is Natalie Costa, speaker, coach and author and founder of Power Thoughts, a coaching service designed to give kids power over their own thoughts. She’s featured in the Sunday Times, the Telegraph, Good Morning Britain, and BBC Breakfast, amongst others.

You’ll learn a brilliant technique that’ll help your kids to see that they are not their emotions (works on all genders – and try it as a grown up too).

You’ll learn to help your girls to build their assertiveness and boundary-setting muscle – and that might get a little uncomfortable. But it’s worth it.

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Natalie Costa’s website: https://www.powerthoughts.co.uk

Natalie on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/powerthoughtsnc/