Episode 46: Some of the Best Moments from Enough, the Podcast

This is an experiment! I’m bringing together some key moments from a selection of episodes in the show. These clips were chosen based on listener feedback or moments that made me think, wow, that was something special.

I’ll guide you through some heart-opening stories and wisdom drops that’ll hopefully make this a feel-good episode, and a self-compassion refresher.

You’ll get the gist of episodes you may have missed, and even if you’ve heard every single one, you’ll be reminded of a few key things: How to worry less about messing up and what people think about you; remembering that you are not broken; and understanding that wholeness is not about perfection.

Mostly, I’m hoping you’ll feel freer, more okay with yourself, and less alone as you listen to these shares today.

Once you’ve listened, let me know if you like this format, which I’m thinking of adding now and again (hello@mandylehto.com).