Episode 5: Stop Fighting Yourself, with Emma Stroud

You’ve done the inner work, but you still find yourself thinking, “Jeez, I should be sorted by now.” 

You wonder if you’re doing it wrong.

I created this episode with Emma Stroud, performer, MC, author, and professional clown (and one of my coaches), because I wanted to show you that the journey to Enough is messy and non-linear.

Emma has worked on herself for decades. She’s done the deep work. I thought you’d like to hear how she puts it into practice day by day — a kind of peek behind the curtain, if you will. Spoiler alert: It’s still messy. And that’s okay.

We discuss:

*How Emma talked herself away from the edge of a train platform

*Owning ALL the parts of ourselves — even the “gross”, scary ones

*How to handle anger and rage that comes up during the healing journey

*Dealing with shame 

*Why you should play the Mission Impossible theme while hanging laundry

*Oodles of practical tips and tools

We laugh. 

We get uncomfortable. 

Join us for this nourishing, deeply human conversation.


Find Emma here:

Her podcast, Clowning Around, is here: https://pod.link/1499174238