Episode 63: Too Muchness with Sarah Madigan and Karen Goldfinger

If you’ve ever been labelled too loud, too intense, TOO MUCH, this episode is for you. I’m in conversation with two guests who, for years, felt the need to shrink themselves to be more acceptable for others.

You’ll meet Karen Goldfinger Baker, who had a stellar career in fund-raising, and now coaches pro athletes and executives at organizations such as Apple and Disney. You’ll also meet Dr Sarah Madigan, author and clinical psychologist, who leads coaching groups that look ridiculously fun.

Both women share where their too-much beliefs came from, and how they’ve learned to relate to that belief differently, letting their authenticity shine through. You’ll learn techniques from Sarah with her clinical psychologist hat on in case you’ve been holding back, worried about being too much.

Trigger warning: There is mention of childhood sexual abuse, and the death of a baby.



Dr Sarah Madigan’s website.

Karen Goldfinger Baker’s website.