Episode 7: The Imperfection Specialist Will See You Now, with Sarah Normandin

Ahh perfectionism, that crafty distraction from all the yucky feelings bubbling under the surface…

Perfectionism has also been a handy survival strategy, am I right?

But you’re here because it’s time to part ways. 

Perfectionism is like an ultra-high-maintenance partner, filing its nails, always underwhelmed and critical. Never an encouraging word. Cuts you zero slack.

Exhausted much? 

You’re in luck. Today’s guest is Sarah Normandin, the Imperfection Specialist.

She puts her therapist and coach hats on and teaches us how to change our relationship with perfectionism.

  • We get stoned (not what you think, sorry…)
  • We talk mantras while vacuuming
  • We think about what a lovey-dovey auntie said about you (or a beloved teacher, perhaps)

Grab your cuppa and join us…