Episode 77: Sub-routines, Ancestry, and your Leadership, with Jerry Colonna

The more I shone, the worse I felt. It was safer to be anxious than angry. Belonging, good-enoughness, and Jerry’s core question for sitting in stillness.

What are sub-routines? Author, coach, and “CEO Whisperer” Jerry Colonna adopts a term from computer programming, referring to the software that runs under an application, likening this to our belief systems laid down early in life. Jerry uses radical self-inquiry on me (unexpectedly) to probe my belief of “I must be constantly productive to be worthy” – a common sub-routine in high-achievers. Jerry invites us to consider the beliefs we’ve inherited from our ancestors in attempts to belong (as well as the subroutines those ancestors might’ve been running). How might these sub-routines be running under your leadership? We end with Jerry’s suggested practice and the core question to use in your own self-inquiry. The vibe of this episode? Deep, reflective, thought-provoking.

*Explicit. Mentions suicide.


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