Episode 8: How to Stop Performing Perfectionism, With Abbey Gibb

Abbey Gibb had her own TV show, an Emmy award, a Chanel purse, a walk-in wardrobe, a door man.

She, like so many perfectionists, had mastered “performing” a life that looked admirable from the outside, but inside, she felt miserable and disconnected.

She’d spent her life chameleon-ing into whoever someone wanted her to be — right down to her hair dye and how she ate her eggs.

Abbey and I have a raw, deeply honest conversation about coming back to ourselves after years of “performing” perfection (for TV, for lovers, for friends, family, colleagues…)

She shares how she “finally buried her last f*ck, and created strong boundaries,” and now feels present in her own body. It’s a powerful listen. Really powerful.

A warning:

This ain’t your usual kind of episode.

It’s a conversation, not an interview. It’s sweary. We talk sex and drugs – amongst other things. I cry-laugh at her Cowboy Lawyer story (don’t we all have one of these in our history?)

This episode defies bullet-pointing.

Grab your earphones and hit play. I’ll meet you there.


Oh, and a bit more on Abbey: She is an Emmy winning journalist, two-time TEDx speaker, business and media mentor, and host of the Full Body F*ck Yes podcast.

Abbey Gibb on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/abbeygibb/

The Full Body F*ck Yes Podcast: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/full-body-f-ck-yes/id1572880788