Episode 9: Shame Loss with Jen Pastiloff

Does shame run your life?

Jen Pastiloff is the best-selling author of On Being Human: A Memoir of Waking Up, Living Real, and Listening Hard.

For years, Jen stuffed down shame around her body, her hearing loss, her depression and anxiety. When she stopped denying her challenges, something wonderful happened. Folks responded to her authenticity.

Nowadays, Jen’s real. Like unapologetically real. You’ll find her on Instagram creating art and doing compassionate acts for other humans – sometimes with spinach in her teeth, and in the same yoga clothes she’s worn for days.

She refuses to be shackled by shame. And she’ll show you how to free yourself too.

You’ll learn some of the rituals Jen teaches in her popular workshops, including her morning prayer, and how you can let yourself off the hook before bed, “in case you ended up being a dickhead today.”

You’ll get her thoughts on being more real, and learn how she “witnesses” shame, non-emotionally, when it bubbles up. I’ve been trying this tip, and it works, people! (hallelujah!)

Inspiring and radically practical. Hit play and grab your cuppa and your salt & vinegar chips — Jen’s favourite.



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