Introducing: Enough, the Podcast

Hi (*waves frantically*). I’m Dr Mandy Lehto, a personal coach and recovering overachiever. I made this podcast because I (literally) got sick of feeling like I constantly needed to hustle for my worth. Nothing I achieved ever felt good enough – like now, I can finally rest, and stop being such a jerk to myself.

I’m sharing the tools, insights, books, methods, and experts that I consulted as I left behind people-pleasing, over-functioning and burnout. Why? Because it might make YOU feel less alone.

You’ll hear from various helpers, healers and experts, offering insights on handling overwhelm, limiting beliefs and that pesky inner critic – mine even has a name! You’ll meet her in the Trailer. You’ll also hear honest, deeply human interviews with people at different stages of their own journeys to enough. This podcast is moving, light-hearted and practical. Let’s walk this path together. Weekly episodes drop on Thursdays. Subscribe for updates.

Oh yeah! I saw you shaking your thang to my jazzy podcast music. It was composed just for us by the epic, Tommy Andrews.  Groove on…