Moxiecast 001: Turn Up the Volume on Your Passions with Cheri Hanson



My guest today is Cheri Hanson, writer, journalist and all-round creative chameleon. Our conversation explores why so many of us leave our creativity and productivity on the back burner, and how we can cut that out already. Everyone has “music,” an expression within themselves that they can choose to hide or show the world. This doesn’t have to be a creative endeavour. It can be a work project that scares you, starting a business, finishing a needlepoint – anything that you’re passionate about doing, but keep putting off…If you’re ready to stop stopping yourself, this episode is for YOU.

Cheri and I talk about the things that hold us back in our creativity and productivity; and the tricks and resources that help us get our “music” out into the world.

We riff on these topics:

  • Why the “stories” we tell ourselves are holding us back
  • What is “Result Apathy?”
  • Why results are so important to us
  • What are “Mental Minions?” (and why you need to know this…)
  • Using a post-it note prompt
  • The Pomodoro Technique
  • The importance of knowing your work pattern (holy moly, this is a game-changer)

Resources and Links

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